Saving Children’s Hearts Together

Together with our partner club from Germany, RC Konstanz-Rheintor, we had enabled 29 children from single parent and low-income families with surgical care. Our Rotarian Leonid Lashchenko started the initiative. The total cost of the program was 785,000 euros.

Since 1995, over 420 Ukrainians received consultations from German doctors, incuding Frank Hoffmann and Thomas Sailer from Konstanz.

Let’s Fight Tuberculosis

This Rotary program has been running since 2001. We support the regional children’s anti-tuberculosis sanatorium “Ruska Polyana” located next to Cherkasy.

In the past, RC “Cherkasy Centre” provided it with food, medicine and medical equipment worth over $25,000; equipped with a computer class for 10 seats and helped with printed materials for information dissemination on tuberculosis prevention. Lately, the sanatorium received new beds worth over 100,000 UAH and an X-ray machine which costs 60,000 EUR.


In November 2014, the club’s president of that time Yuri Polishchuk suggested to support a project competition among young people. 30 participants from Cherkasy and the region went through 5 workshops and competed for a trip to Europe. The trip was organised in partnership with Polish clubs and NGOs.

It was a valuable support to NGO Promolod which transformed into Cherkasy Urban Institute.