We have had a planned meeting with Rotary Club of Santa Rosa and Rotary Club of Santa Rosa East West.Rotary Club Cherkasy-Centre continues providing aid to all the victims and forces of the opposition. It is essential to provide the first aid to affected for transporting them to the nearest cities and hospitals, due to the necessity to save as many injured as possible. It is important to provide everybody with individual first aid kits. But the production of these first aid kits is practically stopped, as factories producing them in Ukraine were situated in destroyed cities. There are very few such positions on the European market at the moment, and the existing ones have a rather high value. We appreciate the aid of our foreign partners and we endeavor to use it as rationally as possible. So the club decided to make a plan of measures to develop methods to reduce the cost of supplies of individual protection and first aid from Europe from our partners and further collection of individual first aid kits. The club plans to buy big packs of first aid DIN 13157, which will include everything that must contain an individual first aid kit at a lower cost for an individual first aid kit and can be divided into 5 sets. Our club adds individual bags and 2 tourniquets of our production to the medical set for a full-fledged individual set. This will allow to provide protection for at least 5 civilians for lower financial costs, compared to the purchase of ready-made individual first aid kits.