We Handed Over 10 First Aid Kits, Food and Potbelly Stoves to Cherkashchyna Soldiers From the "Steel Border" Brigade

We handed over 10 first aid kits to Cherkashchyna soldiers from the "Steel Border" brigade, as well as food and potbelly stoves from our partners, BF LAD.

We Donated 21 First Aid Kits and 20 Tourniquets for Training to the Faculty of Civil Protection

We donated 21 first aid kits and 20 tourniquets for training to the Faculty of Civil Protection

We Donated 6 First Aid Kits to Troopers in Volodymyr

We donated 6 first aid kits to troopers in Volodymyr

Two Generators Were Handed Over to the Military of the 118th Brigade

Two generators were transferred to the military of the 118th brigade.

We Handed Over 10 First Aid Kits and 30 Tourniquets to Soldiers from the Blahodatne OTG

The Blahodatne OTG requested, and we donated 10 first aid kits and 30 tourniquets to their soldiers at the front lines.

We Handed Over a Generator to Soldiers in the Kharkiv Oblast

Thanks to our American and German friends, as well as with the help of Nova Poshta, another generator was delivered to the soldiers in the Kharkiv Oblast. An inspection of the generator is scheduled tomorrow during aerial reconnaissance.

We Transferred Another Generator to the 118th Brigade in the Kharkiv Oblast

Another one of our generators was delivered to the 118th brigade (mortar battery).

We Sent 10 First Aid Kits to Nikopol'

We sent 10 first aid kits to Nikopol'

Through the Mediation Done by the Zaporizhzhia Rotary Club, we Transferred First Aid Kits to the City of Zaporizhzhia

Through the mediation done by the Zaporizhzhia Rotary Club, we transferred first aid kits to the city of Zaporizhzhia

We Donated First Aid Kits to Zolotonosha

We donated 40 first aid kits to Zolotonosha.

We sent first aid kits to the territorial defense forces and the Zolotonosha Union of ATO Participants in Zolotonosha